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Low Risk Opportunities. Attractive Return on Investment. Greater Control for You.

Few alternative investment opportunities today can match our offerings.
To keep up with new housing growth, homebuilders and commercial developers from California to Arizona and Texas require builder lots for new homes. Demand constrained by limited supply forces land values to accelerate.

Finding opportunity where others fail to see it.
We acquire property in areas where future housing and growth will take place. Unlike speculative raw land, these are prime parcels at various stages of improvement, such as finished and partially finished builder lots and tracts approved for development.

We purchase underpriced properties on favorable terms. During our holding period we resolve issues identified while conducting pre-closing due diligence. When demand for new housing drives homebuilders and commercial developers to the market, we sell to them at retail prices.

Timing is key with all real estate investments. Today we are at a critical juncture that allows us to capitalize on undervalued land in overlooked locations.

Our Focused Approach

Locate Emerging Growth Areas

Target paths of growth with proximity to jobs. transportation, shopping and utilities.

Identify Under-Valued Assets

Seek suitable properties through our established networks.

Buy Below Market

Use experienced negotiation practices to secure best pricing and terms.

Minimize Risk

Conduct exhaustive due diligence and predictive analysis to determine future demand and resale price.

Determine Optimum Selling Point

Sell when builder demand and declining lot supply creates desired profit.

“In anticipation of new home demand, we acquire builder lots in growth corridors. This vision comes from lessons gained during past economic cycles and current market trends.”

Ron McRae, Founder and CEO