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Our Disciplined Investment Plan.

We adhere to strict guidelines based on our more than three decades of experience and hundreds of transactions in real estate. With our broad network of local industry professionals, our team locates, negotiates, buys and sells key land positions for our investors with the objective of realizing exemplary returns.

  • Demand: Identify markets with historical and future new housing demand.
  • Growth: Target land in the path of growth.
  • Desirability: Locate properties best suited for future development.
  • Safety: Minimize risk through all-cash purchases and rigorous due diligence.
  • Timing: Buy and sell at optimum times in the real estate cycle.
  • Profit: Realize additional profit through value-added execution.

Our strategy has its foundation in the application of proven market fundamentals:

Identification of growth areas – where new housing and other development will occur – requires careful analysis to identify which metro areas will grow quickest based on:

  • Size and population
  • Growing economy
  • Core growth factors (economic drivers, diversified business base, job creation)
  • Ability to provide supporting infrastructure (roads, schools, utilities, etc.)
  • Affordable housing
  • Physical constraints (oceans, mountains, topography)
  • Proximity to job centers
  • Availability of supporting infrastructure
  • Cost of development
  • Land/house pricing
  • Buyer/user demographics

Land as a development component is not just about location – it must also possess characteristics enabling timely and profitable development, including:

  • Infrastructure improvements (streets, utilities)
  • Entitlements (zoning, plats, permits)
  • Lack of adverse physical constraints (irregular topography, unstable soils, environmental conditions)
  • A pro-development city or county without excessive development fees or costs and strict codes

Timing is an integral and crucial part of our strategy. By acquiring land that homebuilders need, we ensure demand. To achieve this, we work closely with our network of brokers and consultants to understand and monitor market variables affecting timing decisions, including:

  • Market and price fluctuations
  • Homebuyer demographics, such as financial profiles and financing parameters
  • Availability and pricing of competing product
  • Homebuilder characteristics, including current and desired market penetration,
  • product types, lot sizes, finances and land inventories held

Through active property management, we minimize holding costs, maintain entitlements and position properties for resale. The combination of experienced in-house legal and accounting staff with outside engineers and other consultants enables a coordinated effort to manage costs efficiently and effectively, including:

  • Monitoring, and when appropriate, appealing real estate taxes
  • Negotiating farm and other interim leases
  • Reviewing and capitalizing on various property interests, including oil, gas and mineral rights
  • Maintaining insurance where required
  • Reviewing, maintaining and, where appropriate and cost efficient, resolving issues with entitlements (zoning, plats, development agreements)

MGC negotiates and finalizes purchase and sales of properties on favorable prices and terms, including:

  • Background review on both sellers and buyers to confirm motivation and receptiveness to offered pricing
  • Conducting extensive due diligence reviews to confirm material aspects of property condition, title, entitlement and development potential, both to validate purchase and satisfy buyer requirements
  • Preparing marketing and due diligence packages

By utilizing our in-house legal, accounting and administrative staff, and working with strong outside support groups including brokers, attorneys and consultants, MGC is able to realize substantial savings and efficiencies in assembling, managing and reselling of its properties.